Who We Are

FBC exists to unleash the Good News of Jesus in you.

We believe that it is our job to do our job, your job to do your job, and God's job to do God's job! God's good news about Jesus is powerful enough to save, instruct, rebuke, and rescue, as needed in everyone's life: He can handle His job! It's our job as individual believers to unleash that message in our worlds: at home, at work, in our neighborhoods and networks. The local church (i.e. FBC) exists to unleash that Power in us each, equipping us to be the people God has made us to be in the places He's put us (Eph 4:12). So our focus is sharing the Good News, over and over again.

We do this by implementing programming that reflects Scripture's program for living in, and out, the Gospel. For us that means a few simple slots: Sunday morning service, Wednesday evening classes, and big wide open spaces where we all have plenty of room to care for our souls, to connect with each other, to serve in our communities, and to grow as families.



Fellowship Bible Church has been in Palmyra, WI, since the 1980's. We are easily accessible at our downtown office, or on Sundays at the P-E Middle School Gym, or on the phone, or via the internet, and probably through a friend of yours who goes to our church.

If you're worried about weird religious or theological stuff--as perhaps you ought to be--put your mind at ease.  While we believe plenty of unusual things, they're only the things that have to do with traditional, orthodox, classic, Christian teaching and practice.  So, for example, we believe that Jesus really did rise, bodily, from the dead.  Also, we believe that there really is hope, in Him, for everyone no matter what.  It is strange stuff, but it's 100% plain vanilla Christianity.

We are a non-denominational Bible Church.  This means that we're not affiliated with any larger group of churches--not that we're opposed to it, it's just not how the cookie has crumbled for us.  For us this also means that we're "baptistic", which implies three things: we only baptize believers, we don't have special priests you have to confess to, and we take communion as a reminder, or symbol, of Jesus rather than as receiving Him in some more extraordinary sense.