Good Job

A big contribution The Letter of James makes to our faith, to a healthy understanding of the Christian life, and to the canon of Scripture, is how uncomfortable it makes us. Luther called it, "an epistle of straw." Many believers feel oddly about James, like it's either a regressive book too connected to Judaism, or it's somehow truer and more real with its "pull-no-punches" approach.

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We're Gonna Try

For the first time in 350+ devotionals, I’m going to write a series.

First, this series will discuss our “ministry philosophy.” Which is fancy-talk for “the way we’re gonna try to do the things we do.” These are guiding principles, attitudes, and ways we can assess what we’re doing. Are we just co-opting worldly values and methods? Or are we being reshaped by the Spirit of our God?

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About Good Works

What are the "works" that are the signs of living faith?

First, this is obedience to Jesus
This involves making disciples of Jesus, for Jesus: "Go...make disciples." (Mat 28:19-20) Yet within this command Jesus says, "teaching them to obey all I have commanded you." So obedience to the disciple-making command involves being alert to Jesus' teachings and commands.

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Someone Needs A Hug

A few weeks back we talked about James 2:1-13: social partiality and social mercy. About the social gravity that trials exert on us to seek "easy" connections. People who don't stress us out. We are partial to the people we think will make our lives easier.

Thank God that Jesus isn't like that. 

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