You can expect a service and a church-life guided by three values:

Relaxed - From attire to attitude, we reflect the restful Spirit of Jesus--"I will give you rest for your souls!"  Come in a suit, in sandals, in a soccer uniform.  Be at ease.  

And we'll be at ease too.  Don't expect an overproduced "experience."  We keep it relaxed, so you can relax too.  Come in, calm down, enjoy!

Relational - We're a small group of Christians in a rural community.  Don't be shocked if we introduce ourselves and ask your name.  No one will pressure you for contact info or for joining a comittee, we won't embarrass you during the service.  But you can expect to meet people.  In fact, we recommend it!

Deliberate - What we do, we do on purpose.  It's a simple service.  There's are a lot of good things we don't do.  So what we do is, we feel, really important: prayer, Scripture reading, singing, and the sermon, with space before and after for fellowship.  The essentials treated as essentials.


We are a non-denominational Bible Church.  This means that we're unaffiliated with any larger denomination. For us this also mean that we're "baptistic"; that is, we don't baptize infants, we don't have special priests you have to confess to, and we take communion as a reminder (symbol) of Jesus rather than as receiving Him in some more extraordinary sense.

Currently we do not offer nursery or children's programming.  Families are welcome to attend the service together.  While we're not opposed to kid's programming, we know that kids pick up more than you think they will, and we want to encourage families to grow together on Sunday mornings.

Our music is light-pop style: i.e. drums and guitar included.  We sing a variety of old hymns, new songs, and old songs "re-tuned."  You'll probably hear one song you're familiar with, and a bunch that are new.  But they're really good songs, so please hang with it!

The preaching is on a passage of Scripture, that is, we study God's actual Word, in context.  The sermon is roughly 35 minutes long, which is church-speak for 40 minutes long.

The service lasts around 75 minutes. We have coffee and snacks after the service; you're welcome to stick around and hang out. 

[Hey, after you visit us, would you tell us what else we should have written here?  We want to be helpful to new people.  No bait-and-switch!]