Piglet's Nobility

Words of inspiration from... Piglet.  Yes, Piglet-and-Pooh, Piglet.

Now, there are two story-lines that converge.

Here's the first part of the story.  Previously, Piglet did something brave.  So Pooh composed a "hum" for Piglet.  About Piglet being brave and kind.  This meant a lot to Piglet.  No one had ever said these things about him before, since he's a Very Small Animal. 

The second part, which leads up to Piglet's moment, was something of a tragedy.  Owl's home, a tree, tipped over in a storm.  The whole gang heads out to find a new home for Owl.  Eyeore, of all people, finds a perfect home.  But.  It's Piglet's home.  Only Eyeore and Owl seem oblivious to this fact.  Everyone else is anxious: how will Piglet respond?

"And then Piglet did a Noble Thing, and he did it in a sort of a dream, while he was thinking of all the wonderful words Pooh had hummed about him."

Three things.  First, the context: "a sort of a dream."  Piglet is in a difficult place, about to lose what is most important to him.  Second, Piglet still did a Noble Thing.  He gave his home to Owl.  He was generous and risky and loving.  Third, how could he do a Noble Thing while in the daze of loss?  "He was thinking of all the wonderful words."

Three things for us.  

First, we find ourselves in difficult places.  Moments of perfect insanity.  Weeks of blah.  The snowballed despair of decades of mistreatment.  The paralysis of watching the perfect storm approach. 

Second, we have the most wonderful words.  The truest truths.  The brightest light.  The deepest rock.  The thickest wall.  The surest friends.  The Good News of Jesus, what He did, and what that means about us, are the central truths of the created universe.  

Third, as long as we keep "thinking of all the wonderful words" we may yet do "Noble Things."  No matter that we're a Very Small Animal (1 Cor 1:26).  No matter that our friends have left us.  No matter that things we hold most dear are lost to us.  No matter.  Because beneath this, within, above, are the wonderful words.  

And it is from them, The Words, that we find strength despite our size, that we are surrounded with love despite our solitude, that we know ourselves rich despite our losses.  And out of those riches, out of that beloved state, and out of that strength--the strength of The Word--we may yet do Noble Things.  Hopeful acts, ever surprising.  Brave kindnesses, undeserved.

Wherever you are, whatever you're in, whatever they did, whatever is coming, open your heart to the Wonderful Words of Jesus.  He makes all the difference.