The Shrimp
David versus Goliath looks like Genesis 3. There is the "snake" defying God. There is King "Adam," charged with "keeping" God's people but failing. But this is new: a Spirit-filled champion who will answer the snake so God's glory might fill the earth. And he will sacrifice himself to see it done. It reminds us of Genesis 3 but also pictures the future fulfillment of the Genesis 3:15-promise.

But David-versus-Goliath is not the fulfillment of that promise. 

Which part of that story is missing? David doesn't die. 

That's a big difference! Trusting God is hard when His champion is a shrimp. David would have been a hard hero to follow: kid on a cheese-delivery run, standing before a giant warrior?!

But now imagine that he's a shrimp, gets arrested, beat up, humiliated, and murdered, by God's enemies. How much harder is it to trust God and His champ then? Jesus, a peasant of suspicious background, loses his run at being a notable spiritual leader, in a big way. Still following Him?

Now imagine that this beat-up shrimp King says, "Don't be afraid of your enemies!" Hooray! He's going to defeat them and then we get to beat up on them! But wait, He's still speaking, "even when they kill you." Wait, what? Don't be afraid...even when they kill me? He promises sufferings and crosses. That has to be a metaphor, right?

It's not. But don't worry. Why not!? Remember David-v-Goliath: He trusts in God, and God delivers Him.

You are not the hero of your story. We're the shivering, sulking, Israelites who listen day after day to the enemy's lies and taunts. This thing is bigger than us. As Rich Mullins sang, "We are not as strong as we think we are." We're the shrimp.

What next? Take heart; Goliath is defeated; our Champion has won. The Philistines in our path are members of a defeated army. They may still swing swords, but the battle is over. Follow the sound of the Truth; keep following Jesus.