We're Gonna Try

For the first time in 350+ devotionals, I’m going to write a series.

First, this series will discuss our “ministry philosophy.” Which is fancy-talk for “the way we’re gonna try to do the things we do.” These are guiding principles, attitudes, and ways we can assess what we’re doing. Are we just co-opting worldly values and methods? Or are we being reshaped by the Spirit of our God?

Second, this series will discuss the component ministries which we reviewed at the January business meeting.

Now, we believe that “the work of ministry” for which “the saints” are “equipped” (Eph 4:12) does NOT simply mean “church stuff.” Absolutely not. In fact, for some of us the work of ministry to which we are called means we can’t be involved in church work. Great! This church does not intend to compel anyone into an ill-fitting, unfulfilling, stress-creating “ministry.” No, we want to encourage, empower, and inspire you to do what you do for Jesus.

At the same time, however, we recognize that there are things that happen in a local church when it is growing and healthy—not “need to happen” just “do.” So while I don’t want to call any of you away from what Jesus has called you to, I do want to eliminate confusion about what these things are and why they’re important. And if, along the way, you feel Jesus directing you to explore one of these ministries, cool.

We believe that the local church exists to unleash the Gospel in our lives. The Bible teaches that the Gospel of Jesus is God’s holy power, filled with the Spirit of God. In other words, the Gospel is raring to go! Our work as “church.org” is two-fold: to get out of the way and to serve Gospel-connections. By the Gospel-alone will we see the saints equipped—repaired and prepared—to do that for which God has called, gifted, and situated us each. 

We want to get out of the way. “Do no harm,” is the first rule of…everything? Question: what do you think we do that, maybe, does harm? Holes in the bucket of your church, draining good things away?

And we want to serve Gospel-connections. Question: what do we do that has helped you understand the Gospel-for-you better? And what do we do that has kept the Gospel fuzzy or distant for you?

Everything you and I need today to not just survive but thrive—not just endure, but rejoice—enters our lives in the words and promises of the Good News about Jesus. This is what the Father wants to give us and what the Spirit is working on. Even today. So look to Jesus, not the world, not your fear, not temptation’s lies. Think on who Jesus is, what He’s accomplished, what He’s doing.